Why Most People Will Never Get Lost At The Jungle Book Movie

The Jungle Book movie is expected to draw a lot of filmgoers on April 15th. Find out why most people will never get lost at this flight of imagination.

Many avid filmgoers in various countries have expressed their excitement to watch The Jungle Book movie. They really believe that this film will let them escape reality and be amused with fantasies even for a while. And they are very confident that the movie will not fail their positive outlook once they see it on the big screen.

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Originally a Rudyard Kipling’s piece, The Jungle Book has been widely read by many people throughout the world. Such popularity made Walt Disney Studios to adapt it into a movie in 1967. As expected, the movie was received by the public and critics with a favorable response. However, this year’s rendition of The Jungle Book is headed by Jon Favreau as the director who is know for using newest technologies in motion capture, computer-generated, and photorealistic renderings. He is in fact the personal pick of Alan Horn, head executive of Walt Disney Studios.

Another reason why most people cannot contain their eagerness to watch The Jungle Book is that the movie showcases the voices of some big names in the entertainment industry. Among the featured voices are Scarlett Johansson; Christopher Walken; Bill Muray; Lupita Nyong’o; Idris Elba; Ben Kinsgley; and Giancarlo Esposito. The movie also highlights the debut of Neel Sethi who will be voicing for Mowgli, the lead character.


While The Jungle Book have already been released in some countries like India and Philippines, it will be showed in the United States on April 15th.

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