Why Motorcycle Tricks Ain’t as Bad As You Think

Have you ever gotten horrified by motorcycle tricks you’d watch before? Read more to find out why motorcycle tricks ain’t as bad as you think.

Eight motorcycle performers from the Philippines have once again proven that Filipinos can actually go extreme when showing off their God-given talents. Their group, UA Mindanao, even went beyond the sing-and-dance number that is usually performed during various talent searches to a livelier yet really horrifying motorcycle tricks.

Photo Courtesy: Zeibiz

People watching UA Mindanao were initially doubtful whether they can do their stunts without breaking any of their bones, or worst, having confined in the hospital. Yet when the show began, all their eyes were stuck on the performers doing extraordinary and unbelievable motorcycle tricks, especially when they were up in the sky as if they each of them seemed to be an angel riding Pegasus.

Photo Courtesy: ABS-CBN

Photo Courtesy: ABS-CBN

One of the extraordinary motorcycle tricks that UA Mindanao did was the so-called switching. Two riders were on the same motorcycle but when they reach the top, they switched their positions: the one initially at the back became the driver. They did this act abruptly while they were hanging in the sky. Not only did they do it once but they did the switching for several times which gained a thunderous applause from the crowd.

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