How a Dog Can Teach You Live a Carefree Life

Try to find out here why a dog can teach you live a carefree life.

Got no idea what your dog does when you’re away from home? Well, not for this Russian owner who is behind the hit video which features his dog and its doggy dance. The owner left the dog with a rule not to step on the bed, where the cat sits. Not known to the dog, the owner put a surveillance camera so as to know how it would behave when he is away.

After the owner left the room where the two animals are in, the dog turned out to be a black sheep. It did not only walk through the bed, knowing that nobody sees it, but it also danced. Yes, the dog danced fantastically as if it had been practicing all the time and wanted to show it to his master.

How a Dog Can Teach You Live a Carefree Life
How a Dog Can Teach You Live a Carefree Life.
Photo Credit:Wikimedia

What made the video more funny is that although the dog kept on dancing, rolling through the bed, the cat remained undisturbed. Perhaps the dog was a bother to the cat. For the whole time, the dog danced insensible to the cat’s existence.

Many viewers were amazed to the dog, which broke the rule just for it to get on the bed and make itself roll. They were also surprised on the way how the dog behaved when nobody sees it. The dog owner was also commended primarily because of his wonderful idea, of putting his dog under surveillance. The video also proved that not all dogs want to bite humans; some of them only yearn for a privacy to do their dance moves. They were also wondering why only the cat is privileged to sit on a bed while the dog is banned in doing so. Maybe the owner thought that these animals would fight when they are put in the same location.

In addition, some YouTube viewers, who watched the video, compared it to those restricted children who would be given a freedom to do whatever they want, knowing that nobody is around to laugh at them. As such, the video opens a possible for another research on the behavior of both humans and animals when they are alone.

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Original Video :  When the dog stays at home alone / Пока никто не видит

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