4 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Netherlands

Are you planning to visit the famous Bicycle Capital of the World? Here are the 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Netherlands

Located in northwest Europe, The Netherlands is considered as one of the oft-visited countries in the world. In fact, the country’s tourism industry has been increasing for the past years as many hotels, restaurants, parks, and other establishments are continuously being built to cater the needs of millions of foreigners who visit the country all through the year. This is not surprising, however, since The Netherlands has a lot of things to offer to its tourists who come from different walks of life. Here are the top 4 reasons as to why you should really find time to visit the so-called “Bicycle Capital of the World.”

The Netherlands Tourist Destination
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First on the list is the country’s renowned landmark, the windmill. The Netherlands is known for having thousands of windmills as well as watermills scattered across the country which serve as their shield against floods. As a matter of fact, the oldest known Dutchmen watermill was built way back in 8th century.
Another reason why art enthusiasts must visit the country is the famous Van Gogh Museum in which thousands of artworks made by Vincent Van Gogh, the ultimate Dutch painter who lived in the mid-19th century, are being displayed including his celebrated The Starry Night painted in 1889. This is apart from other local museums situated in other parts of the country—a proof that the Dutchmen are really art lovers!
The Dutchmen are also looked up by other people for the liberty they possess. Who would have thought that prostitution is legal so long as the prostitutes are at least 18 years old? What is more shocking is that clients might be as young as 16 yeas of age. Another thing that the Dutchmen can freely do in their country is to buy and sell softer drugs in various licensed coffee shops. They can even raise some in their own homes. Euthanasia or mercy killing, abortion, and same-sex marriage are also legal in The Netherlands.

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But the main reason why you should spend your next vacation in The Netherlands is the hospitality and cheerfulness Dutchmen have. They are also happy folks as what can be reflected from their national official color, orange (in honor of the House of Orange which led the fight against Spain in 1500s). Moreover, despite the liberty they have, the Dutchmen are really disciplined people. As a matter of fact, their government had decided to close its 8 prisons in 2013 precisely because of lack of prisoners. So what are you waiting for? Save up money and book your own plane tickets NOW!