Pres. Nieto, PM Trudeau become instant celebrities during APEC 2015

These two leaders were tagged as real-life princes during APEc Summit 2015 held in Manila, Philippines. Find out why they caught the attention of the crowd.

With the theme, “Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World,” the recently-concluded Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit 2015 in the Philippines last November 16-18 is really a success for all member-countries. Through a series of meetings and conferences that tackle economic development issues, various national leaders as well as economic delegates have shared their expertise on how to strengthen the economies in the region through mutual collaboration among member-countries.

Photo Courtesy: Filipino Scribe
Photo Courtesy: Filipino Scribe

While everyone looked forward to the agreements that would come up in the summit, two national leaders have become instant celebrities because of their possessed handsomeness that even caught the attention of the media. As a matter of fact, President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada were tagged as real dream princes, the ones who are only usually seen in Disney fairy tales. Moreover, the hashtag #APEChottie became trendy over various social networking sites such as in Facebook and Twitter.

Photo Courtesy: Global Nation Inquirer
Photo Courtesy: Global Nation Inquirer

Quique to his family and close friends, Nieto is the country’s 57th president after succeeding Felipe Calderón last 2012 through a nationwide election. Unknown to many, he was a big fan of football during his teenage years. When he reached 18, he went to Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City and studied law. After graduating, he pursued Business Administration as his master’s degree. He also joined the Institutional Revolutionary Party in 1984. From 2005 to 2011, he ruled the State of Mexico as its governor.

On the other hand, Trudeau was born on the Christmas Day of 1971. He is the eldest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who served the country from 1968 to 1984. In 1994, he obtained his bachelor’s degree (majoring in English Literature) from McGill University. He also attended in the University of British Columbia and earned a bachelor’s in Education. Before he entered politics, he was a teacher in Vancouver and at the same, an engineer student. Through his popularity, he was able to promote different humanitarian and environmental causes on The Great War, a local television miniseries.


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However, much as many women admire these two leaders and want to take them out, Nieto and Trudeau are happily married to Angelica Rivera and Sophie Grégoire respectively. Moreover, Nieto has four children while Trudeau has three.