Know More About the Stuggart Beer Festival 2015

Are you a social drinker? Here are the Amazing Facts about the Stuggart Beer Festival 2015 you must know before hopping in.

Lots of beer lovers around the world cannot really contain their excitement for the commencement of the amazing Stuggart Beer Festival 2015 (Cannstatter Wasen). Annually held in Germany, this event gives an amazing opportunity to taste a wide array of liquors from different local and international brands. What makes this year’s celebration even thrilling is the fact that it will run for more than two weeks, from September 25 to October 11. This is in line with the 168th anniversary of Stuggart Beer Festival as a yearly festival both for the grown-ups and kids since there are many events exclusively designed for them.

Stuttgart Beer Festival
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Started in 1818, the Stuggart Beer Festival has been referred to by many individuals as the second biggest beer festival in the country, next to Oktoberfest which is also annually held in Munich. However, this festival has a deeper meaning as it served as a thanksgiving celebration following many years of hunger during the reign of King Wilhelm I. The latter eventually decided to sponsor the festival every year to ensure the country’s continual prosperity. As years passed by, more and more events and attractions have been added to the festival such as various live bands, carnival rides, and food fairs.

This year, the Stuggart Beer Festival will be opened by a tapping of barrels which has customarily been designated to the head of Stuggart state. This will signify the beginning of a two-week celebration in which various individuals from all different walks of life are gathered to have a taste of time-distilled liquors. Most visitors are usually from Europe and North America but there also a lot of Asians and Latinos taking part in the celebration. Children below 18 years old are not also left out in the festival since they can take different rides along with their elder siblings and friends.

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Aside from getting intoxicated, there are other exciting experiences that the festival has to offer to its thousands of visitors. Families can actually shop during Wednesdays. They can buy various souvenir items and other cuties stuff from different parts of the world. Couples may take a ride on the world’s biggest transportable Ferris wheel. In addition, children, along with their friends, can visit different haunted houses to know who is brave or not. They may also try their hidden artistic talents in face painting. There is also the much-anticipated hot air balloons race competition and the impressive musical fireworks exhibition.