Winter Olympics 2022 will be held in Beijing

After holding the Summer Olympics in 2008, Beijing will be the host for Winter Olympics 2022

The China’s capital city, Beijing, will once again be at the limelight among various sports enthusiasts as it will host the Winter Olympics 2022. This is what the International Olympics Committee (IOC) had announced recently following the bidding session. In return, many individuals from all around the world have expressed their various reactions regarding the IOC’s decision. Some people believe that Beijing is capable of hosting this international event since it already hosted the Summer Olympics last 2008. In contrast, others who are not satisfied with the result cited that the country has not been improved for the last seven years.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
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Considered as one of the major worldwide sporting competition, the Winter Olympic Games is conducted every four years. It only features ice and snow sports such as skating, ice hockey, curling, and bobsleigh. The first edition of this event was done in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The organizing committee conducted the 4th edition of the Winter Olympic Games in 1936 but it had been temporarily closed in 1940 and 1944 due to the war and was only restarted in 1948. In addition, the IOC decided in 1986 not to conduct the Summer and Winter Olympic Games in the same year.

That is why there was the 1994 Winter Olympic Games following the 1992 edition. Many Western countries have also been participating in the bidding in order to host this game. Among the popular cities which are known to be winter sports centers are Oslo in Norway and Stockholm in Sweden. However, these cities have been singled out in the recent bidding primarily because of financial concerns. Hence, the IOC selected Beijing to be the host of Winter Olympics 2022 despite of lack of a natural winter sports environment and continuing dispute between Beijing and mountainous cities of Yanging and Zhangjiakou.

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Interestingly, countries which are located in the southern hemisphere do not have any opportunity to host the Winter Olympics Games. This is precisely because the game is usually held in the month of February when these countries are in summer. Furthermore, more and more winter sports have been added into the game like snowboarding, freestyle skiing, luge, Alpine skiing, skeleton, and short track speed skating. On the other hand, the once popular military patrol game is permanently scrapped in the sports list. Prior to Beijing, the South Korean city of Pyeongchang will be the host for the Winter Olympics 2018.